Tender & Contract Documentation

SC Quantity Surveyors provide accurate and detailed tender documentation including Bills of Quantities for our clients, which essentially provides a reliable basis on which to tender for proposed construction works.
Tender & Contract Documentation
Service overview -

SC Quantity Surveyors use the latest Quantity Surveying and Estimating computer software for producing accurate and detailed tender documents thereby providing an efficient and quality service that benefits architects, main contractors, sub-contractors and private clients. The practice uses Vector Quantity Surveying & Estimating Software which is highly regarded as excellent software in the construction industry, and is used by many Quantity Surveyors & Estimators worldwide. Quantity surveyors, large building contractors and development companies use this system for producing Bills of Quantities, estimating, cost planning, variations and valuations.


Tenders documents which we produce & provide include:

  • Letter of invitation to tender
  • Form of tender
  • Form of contract, contract conditions and amendments
  • Tender pricing documents ie. Bills of Quantities, Schedule of Quantities / Rates (or contract sum analysis on design and build projects)
  • Schedules of work
  • Specifications
  • Advice on suitability of contractors for tendering 

Bills of Quantities prepared by our practice have the following uses, and these are borne in mind by the Quantity Surveyor during their preparation:

  • Valuations for interim certificates
  • Valuation of variations
  • Ordering of materials if used with caution and awareness of possible errors and future variations
  • Cost analysis for use in future approximate estimating
  • Planning and progressing by the contractor’s site planner
  • Final accounting
  • Quality by reference to the trade preamble clauses
  • Domestic subcontractor & suppliers quotations
  • Cost information
  • Provides a good basis for cost planning

Our Bills of Quantities are designed primarily as a tendering document, but it also provides a valuable aid to the pricing of variations, and computation of valuations for interim certificates. Each contractor tendering for the project is able to price the work on exactly the same information with a minimum of effort. This therefore avoids duplication in quantifying the work, and allows for the fairest type of competition.

The Bills of Quantities which we produce comprise preliminaries, preambles or descriptions of materials and workmanship, and the measured works section. The preliminaries define the scope and nature of the work, contain details of the contract conditions, list of drawings and any special instructions to the contractor on pricing the job.

contract documentation

In relation to the contract documentation, after the Client has made a decision of an award of the contract, SC Quantity Surveyors would then prepare and collate the necessary Contract Documentation and incorporate any agreed alterations that may have been made post-tender. Standard or bespoke Forms of Contract would be completed and we would arrange for the Contract to be signed by the Client and the successful contractor.


Our professionals are industry leaders who understand technical, business, regulatory and legal matters and are best suited to provide detailed and accurate tender and contract documentation for clients on their projects. Some of the documents and work we produce are detailed below.

Tender DocumentationAccurate and detailed contract documentation
Bills of QuantitiesProduced in PDF and Excel for ease of pricing
Schedules of WorkSchedules of work ‘without quantities’ instructional lists often produced on smaller projects or for alteration and refurbishment works. They are an alternative to bills of quantities, allowing pricing of items, such as builders’ work and fixing schedules etc
Contract DocumentsPreparation & completion of relevant JCT or RIAI contracts
Tender Evaluations & NegotiationsAssisting with the final stages of appointing the main contractor including evaluating and comparing tenders, producing reports and negotiations 

We provide detailed and accurate Bills of Quantities for clients and builders quantities for Contractors tendering on their projects. Our Bills of Quantities generally include preliminaries, measured works, day-works, provisional sums and general summary sections.

It generally depends on the size, value and complexity of a project. However if you provide us with the floor plans and drawings we can provide you with an accurate quotation and timescale.

We would require drawings produced by the various consultants and design teams including the Architect, Structural Engineers, Mechanical & Electrical and other specialist consultants. Other documents would include planning details, consent and reports.