Bills of Quantities

As Professional Chartered Quantity Surveyors our practice provides accurate and detailed Bills of Quantities for a range of clients including Architects, private clients for their developments and also main contractors and sub-contractors tendering on projects to assist them in issuing competitive tenders and estimates for their projects.
Bills of Quantities

Bill of Quantities in Construction


Our practice uses the latest Quantity Surveying & Estimating software Cubit Buildsoft which allows us to prepare accurate and detailed Bills of Quantities and Schedules of work for private clients and also builders quantities detailed estimates for main contractors and sub-contractors tendering on their projects.

The bills of quantities in construction which we provide our clients with allows us to provide a fully integrated approach to the preparation and use of documentation for the procurement and control of construction projects and also allows us to provide Bills of Quantities in various formats to our clients.

The bill of quantities in construction allow us to provide our clients with the best basis for estimating and tendering, tender comparisons and reporting, cost control and contract administration. As tendering contractors are all pricing the work based on the same information including descriptions and quantities within the bill of quantities their tenders are generally judged on price alone. As we provide the bills of quantities individual contractors are not required to measure the works and produce their own quantities which results in a more efficient approach with no risk of errors from contractors producing their own bills of quantities which in turn provides for easier tender comparison and better cost control on site.

SC Quantity Surveyors provide a professional service in providing Bills of Quantities to our clients thereby saving contractors and sub-contractors the high costs involved in employing a full time person to carry out this work.

We would always recommend to our clients based on the size, value and complexity of their project including their preferred procurement route on whether to provide bills of quantities or alternatively a schedule of works which we can provide our clients with. The decision on which tender pricing document to produce is important as this will have a significant impact and bearing on the project overall as providing an incorrect pricing document may cause issues impacting on the client’s objectives of time, cost and quality. Based on our clients project requirements and objectives we can advise on the most suitable and best pricing document for their project whether that be a fully measured and detailed bill of quantities or a schedule of works.

Types of Bills of Quantities

The main types of bill of quantities we provide to Architects, private clients, contractors and sub-contractors includes the following main benefits

  • Detailed and accurate Bills of Quantities
  • Standard Method of Measurement (SMM7) or New Rules of Measurement (NRM 2) and Agreed Rules of Measurement 4
  • Based on Civil Engineering Standard Method of Measurement 3
  • Accurate builders quantities
  • Bespoke Measurement in accordance with contractors requirements
  • Bills of Quantities presented in PDF, Excel or CITE formats for importing into your estimating software, or delivered electronically, CD, or hard copy

Please visit our other articles if you would like to find out more about the types of bills of quantities in construction which we provide our clients with and also more information on what is a bill of quantities

If you have a project for which you require accurate and detailed bills of quantities, schedule of works or builders quantities for estimating and tendering then please feel free to contact us regarding your project requirements.

bills of quantities
method of measurement

Our bills of quantities can be prepared using (SMM7), New Rules of Measurement (NRM 2) and Agreed Rules of Measurement 4

builders quantities

We prepare builders quantities for contractors and sub-contractors tendering on projects