Cost Control

Cost ControlCost Control of a construction project commences at inception and ends with the agreement of the final account. SC Quantity Surveyors use a variety of methods and techniques to control the costs during the pre-contract and post-contract stages of a project.

The purpose of our cost control procedures aims to:

  1. Provide the client with a value-for-money project
  2. Achieve a balanced design expenditure between the various elements of the building
  3. Limit the client's expenditure to within the amount agreed.

SC Quantity Surveyors employ strict cost control discipline throughout all stages of the design and construction to ensure that the initial estimate, tender figure and final account sum are all closely related.

Several cost control methods which we provide consultants, architects and clients with includes:-

  • Approximate estimating
  • Cost advice & comparisons of alternative materials and methods of construction
  • Cost planning
  • Cost monitoring & reporting during the construction stage
  • Financial statements i.e. monthly cost reports

These cost control methods and periodic financial reports enable clients to anticipate and control their current and future financial project commitments.