Cost Advice & Feasibility Studies

As Quantity Surveyors we are recognised professionals within the construction industry acting as cost advisers and value consultants. We are in the position to provide initial cost advice and feasibility studies which are crucial during the project's inception stage.

We recognise the overall importance of providing realistic cost advice and information that will benefit the client and contribute to the overall success of the proposed project.

Our initial cost advice & feasibility studies which we provide clients with ensures:-

  • Reliable and accurate cost advice to proceed with the greatest amount of confidence
  • Advice on the viability and probable costs of construction
  • Accurate initial budget cost by reference to cost data derived from previous projects
  • Costs are weighed against aesthetics, quality, space and time, and an acceptable budget agreed
  • Advce on the most economical layout, size, materials, methods of construction and quality of the work