Refurbishment & Alterations at Golborne Road, London

Services: Quantity Surveying Services

Our Client: Dorin & Coppel Limited, London (Architects)

Value: £2,500,000

Description: This development comprised the erection of a rear second floor extension and mansard roof extension at third floor level with new roof terrace; internal and external alterations associated with the change of use of the property from public house (Class A4) to private members' at basement level; restaurant (Class A3) at ground and part first floor and single residential unit (Class C3) at part first, second and third floor levels.

Our services included tender evaluation and analysis based on the contractors tender consisting of value engineering in order to identify and eliminate unwanted costs with the aim to increase the value and satisfying the performance requirements at the lowest possible cost. We had taken a wider view on the selection of materials, plant, equipment, preliminaries and processes to provide a more cost-effective solution to achieve improved project objectives based on time, cost and quality. In addition we were involved in checking the contractors tender quantities and for any errors or missing costs. Also providing suggestions on exact costs of various items. We then provided an adjusted cost schedule which could be returned to the main contractor for their consideration and comment. We were able to provide an overall improved solution for the client by reducing overall costs, eliminating unwanted costs, reducing the project programme and enhancing the quality and value of the project.